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Common Questions


Is everyone accepted to Sigma Delta Pi?

Sigma Delta Pi is an honor society and does have certain requirements in order to join the organization.  We do this to assure that we remain, above all else, a group of students who take their education and learning of Spanish seriously and will thus show the same dedication to the Society as a whole, and be a benefit to us.  

How much does it cost?

The cost to join is $40.  This is a one-time payment that will cover the cost of your pin, flower, initiation celebration, and more.  

Why should I join?  How will SDP benefit me?

There are a variety of benefits you receive from being a member, both at the national and local levels. :

  • being a part of a nationally recognized honor society lets you connect with others

  • elegible for study abroad scholarships and stipends specifically for SDP members

  • opportunities to attend workshops and conventions


  • practice conversational Spanish in a variety of settings

  • be part of cultural outreach events

  • grow as a person and make lasting friendships

  • take part in beautiful initiation ceremony

How much of a time commitment is it?

There are a few mandatory events throughout the year; apart from those, members get to choose from the variety of activities we offer which ones they would like to attend as long as they meet a minimum of 3 events.  Of course, we encourage participation beyond this, but it is up to the individual as to how much he or she would like to dedicate to this organization. Initiation is the only required event for every member

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