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"Spanías Didagéi Proágomen"

Sigma Delta Pi- Eta Upsilon @ Illinois state University  

Welcome to our page, and thank you for visiting us.  We are the Eta Upsilon chapter of the prestigious organization Sigma Delta Pi.  Use the navigation at the top to catch up on the latest events, see what's coming up, and to learn how to apply.  If you have any question, doubt, or suggestion, send us an email.


About Us

Who are we?

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Collegiate Spanish Honor Society, established in 1919.  The motto, “SPANÍAS DIDAGÉI PROÁGOMEN” means “Let’s go forth under the guidance of the Spanish language.”  For more information about this prestigious organization, click here.

What do we do?


Our goal is to promote the importance of languages in today’s globalized society.  Sigma Delta Pi is notassociated with ISU’s Spanish Club, although we do encourage membership in this social organization as well.  Members of Sigma Delta Pi will use their Spanish abilities within the academic and professionalrealm.  There will be many opportunities to improve your Spanish capabilities in a variety of settings.  For example, guest speakers will come to speak to us about careers in Spanish.  We will also volunteer within the community by interpreting and teaching.  Social events will take place throughout the year such as literature discussions or movie nights.  One of the biggest advantages of becoming a member includes exclusive scholarships to study abroad and use your language skills in context.  Once inducted, you are a member for life.

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